Long time no see.

Long time no see, everyone! !

Will it be the first time in a year, Kato's blog, Tenryohai Sake Brewery Brewery.
A sake brewery in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture. Do you remember?

As for why I haven't updated so much,
I'm very, very busy


Because I couldn't break the line when I was writing the article.

I'm serious.
I couldn't find anything on the internet, so I gave up.

About a year from there. I found a block editor in word press.

what is that. After playing around with it for a long time...

Easy to do! You can change lines! !
So I'm restarting my blog lol

First of all, I'm going to divide this year into two times and look back.

May 01, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it goes without saying what this day is.

Yes, the first day of Reiwa!

Behind the scenes, an event occurred.

Tenryohai Sake Brewery's new brand,
It was the release date of "Gagakudai" (Utashiro)!

Gagakudai is a surname derived from Kamo Utayo, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, where Tenryohai Sake Brewery is located.
A long time ago, various cultural figures such as Emperor Juntoku, Nichiren, and Zeami were exiled to Sado.
Among them, Emperor Juntoku held great power in Sado even after being exiled.

After being exiled, the people of Sado Island composed a poem for Emperor Juntoku, and if the Emperor liked the poem , he was rewarded with land as a reward. It came to be called " age ".

Those who were given the land and reached the peak of their prosperity took pride in their glorious times and came to call themselves ' Gagaku- dai' (Utashiro). "Elegant and fun time"

The sake we aim for at Tenryohai Sake Brewery is

Produce a memorable and enjoyable time for customers

is the concept.

The sake we want to aim for and the origin of the name derived from the land where Tenryo Sake Cup is located match...!

I decided on this! I thought it was June 2018. It's finally released after a year of warm-up!
But here is the start.
Thank you for your continued support for gagaku this season!
Here is a shop where you can buy Gagakudai!
↓↓↓↓↓↓ (I acquired the technique of embedding URLs yesterday. Please let me use it proudly!)

May to end of June 2019

For about two months, I participated in training at the National Research Institute of Brewing.
Last year, I got chills down my spine because I made sake without knowing anything about sake brewing.

After I realized that, on days when I had time, I would study in the library until late at night (sometimes I concentrated too much and ended up in the morning lol).

I chatted with my classmates while drinking and chatting, and I went to visit a brewery in Hiroshima and learned a lot.
I spent very fulfilling days.

Completion ceremony photo. Actually, I forgot that it was a ceremony, so I'm the only one wearing slippers.

June 21, 2019

Do you know what day it is?

Yes, it's my birthday.
I love umeboshi, so I received a lot of ume sweets.
(Thank you, Sake Bar Shiki!)

In addition, a sparkling yellow happy voice

I was eating crunchy plums alone without reaching. Ah, happiness.

It's early and I'm 26 years old. But I will be 27 soon.
I'm a little impatient.

My life as a manager has become longer than my life as a member of society, and my sense of time is passing by 5 or 10 times faster. That much fun!

It's great to do what you want.

September to November 2019

The first application for the manufacturing subsidy, and it was adopted!


So I got the equipment.

Two refrigerators, a thermal tank, a bottle warming machine, and a bottling machine.


Bottle warming machine (This is a photo of a freshly delivered bottle, so it's full of luggage...)

Little by little, we will continue to add equipment to make delicious sake.

I'm a little tired this time, so I'm going to open it around here.
If you skip too much from the beginning, it won't last long!

It's a loose blog like this, but please come and see it once in a while.

Next time, I'm going to write a solid summary of this season's sake brewing!

see you! (Please keep an eye on me so that I don't become a bald boy.)

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