A new brand of Tenryohai Sake Brewery released on May 1, 2019 on the first day of Reiwa. The name comes from Kamo Utayo, Sado City, where Tenryohai Sake Brewery is located.

Utashiro means ``land in place of poetry,'' and it is said that when the emperor, who was exiled to Sado, read waka poems and liked them, he received land as a reward.

Those who were given the land and reached the height of their prosperity took pride in their glorious times, and began to call themselves 'Utashiro' (Utashiro). am.

"Elegant and fun time"

We also want our sake to create a memorable and enjoyable time for everyone. We named the new brand "Utashiro" because the sake we want to aim for and the origin of the name derived from the land where the Tenryo cup is located match.

Shops where you can buy the Utashiro series


The Utashiro series is a limited distribution brand, so there are only a limited number of retailers.

Please purchase from stores nationwide.


Utashiro series lineup


You can check the products of the Utashiro series here.