After finishing this season's sake brewing part1

As some of you may know, I am actually taking on the role of toji from this term.
So it was actually the first year of sake brewing.

Last year I was also involved in sake brewing, but I didn't know the theory or how to do it, so I followed the chief brewer around and did what he told me to do.
After completing two months of training at the National Research Institute of Brewing (I wrote a little bit about it in this article), I started brewing with enthusiasm!

October 2019

This season's sake brewing started in October.
A powerful helper came to the Tenryo Cup.

I'm Yukinaga, an intern from Kyoto University.
For some reason, her hairstyle is ugly, but she sings well. I'm not good at darts.
I eat a lot.
And she lived in my house, but she didn't turn off the lights when she went to bed, and she was always scolded by me. Still, it was a guy with guts that didn't turn off the lights.
Since he left, my electricity bill has been cut in half. (What did you use that much electricity for! Lol)

Other than that, he would splendidly destroy the analysis equipment, sprinkle koji on it, make him eat ice cream with his family pack every night, and say that he could drink our sake whenever he went to an izakaya. He didn't ask for anything, and he had a strong personality, such as adding too much detergent and making his clothes crispy, but he learned quickly and was someone I could trust to work with.

I have already returned to Kyoto, but how are you doing?
When Corona calms down, I want to drink with you again!

My only regret is that I had decided to put out his sake as my graduation project in Sake no Jin, but Sake no Jin was cancelled, so I'm sorry I couldn't. .

Together with him, we started making Tenryohai Junmai Ginjo freshly squeezed raw sake and unrefined sake.

I remember realizing that the theory and the field are different.
How to make koji, how to make shubo, temperature control of moromi, etc...
How can I make everything better while being tense about everything?

Wouldn't it be better if we changed the way we do things here?
failed again. Let's try this next. failed again.
How am I going to get along with him every night? It seems like yesterday that I was talking to you.

As I continued to do this, little by little, I became able to make better sake (although it's just "compared to the beginning"!! I'm sure I can still make better sake).

I have a lot of things I want to write about, but once I start talking, I can't stop.
How far can we talk about sake brewing? I started to worry. smile

There are many problems and things that need to be improved.
If you talk about it, you won't be able to stop, so this time it's a quick look back at this season!

November 2019

I think this month is the turning point of the season.

For the past month, I have been studying brewing at Aihara Sake Brewery, a brewery in the Hiroshima area after the rain.

The trigger was that I was in the same period as the next brewery in the training of the National Research Institute of Brewing, and the shock when I drank the low-alcohol unblended whiskey after the rain.
It's refreshing, fresh, and light, so you can drink it smoothly...
It was so refreshing that Anessa's commercial crossed my mind.
Please try to drink it.

From there, I had a direct talk with Mr. Aihara.
let me study! When.

It was a month full of learning.
I can't thank you enough for teaching me from scratch, from how to make koji, how to manage moromi, to pasteurized bottling, knowledge of equipment, cleaning supplies, and how to clean.

I want to make a sake that will be recognized by Mr. Aihara as soon as possible! !

December 2019

After completing my studies at Aihara Sake Brewery, I started sake brewing in earnest.

Yes, this season's Gagakudai production has started. ( Click here for stores where you can buy it )
Compared to the previous term, the taste has changed drastically.
This is because the method of preparation and preparation have changed significantly.
" Beautiful, light, gentle fragrance "

Because I decided to make sake with this concept.

In order to achieve the concept of Tenryohai Sake Brewery, which is to “provide an enjoyable moment for our customers,” sake must not become the main character.
This is because we believe that the people who drink should be the main characters, and that alcohol should be used as a lubricant for conversation, or as a supporting role in the cuisine and atmosphere.

That's why Gagakudai doesn't need fragrance, just a little sweetness is fine.
I want to make a plain sake, not a boozy sake. I came to think.

Gagakudai in the previous term was a sake with a strong sweetness.
In my mind, I thought that if it didn't have an impact, it wouldn't leave an impression.

However, what I think of Tenryohai Sake Brewery is the “value we want to offer to everyone”.
What is it? I still haven't been able to come up with a clear answer, or rather, I'm in the process of looking for something that I can say with pride.

I can't stop once I start talking lol I will divide the summary into several times. lol That's all for now!

I plan to write more in the near future.
Please come see us again!

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