About business policy

Long time no see, Kato.
I haven't updated at all lately, so today I would like to write about what I think as I do my daily sales activities.

Recently, I have had more opportunities to talk with various liquor stores and restaurants as I have been on the sales rounds.

I am still very ignorant, but they answered all my questions politely, and I want to express my gratitude every day, and I want to make sake that will be recognized by them! It seems that the feeling is overflowing. smile
Of course, the premise is the quality of sake that I think is delicious. That's what it means!
For about half a year, every time I went somewhere, I visited liquor stores in various places, and for research purposes, I bought sake, and the refrigerator was already full of sake bottles! smile
There are so many things I learn from these sakes, and things that bother me, but I would like to use this as a springboard to create new sake that is unique to me.
Now, let's get to the point.
It's been half a year since I jumped into a completely different industry from my previous job in finance.
I used to work for a securities company that focused on new business development in the financial industry, so I don't know how to do business other than that, so I'm bluntly inheriting the sales style. smile

My method is to always carry my feet and take care of dialogue .
At that time, it will never be a company pamphlet or product information.
Then what are you going to do? I think there are some people who think that.
I come here to help people understand my thoughts on sake, my determination to carry the Tenryohai cup on my back, and most of all, to understand Senichi Kato as a person .
The quality of the sake is of course important, but more than that, I think it is important to build a relationship of mutual trust.
I want you to handle your own sake here. Or I want to work with this person. Intuition. I want to cherish that the feeling matches above all. (It may be my one-way street lol)

Yesterday, when I was talking to my father, I noticed that (laughing in the middle of a fight), when I was working in sales at my previous job,
The customers in each sales department, including me, are roughly the same type as the sales staff.
Thinking about it now, I thought it was really interesting.
I believe that relationships with customers are born not only by products but also by “ personality ”.
Tenryohai is of course a “sake of Sado” and “local sake of Sado”, but in addition to that, we have to polish our humanity. I feel.
As a maker, I have to make good things. This is an absolute requirement.
On top of that, I have to work even harder for the sake of those who understand my individuality, or my humanity, and support me.
Sake brewing will start in about a month.
First build. I think it's full of things I don't understand. I will be calling many people. smile
I'll struggle a lot, and I'll do my best, even if it costs me time to sleep!
I started this because I wanted to do it, so I don't want to compromise or cut corners.
I hope the day will come when everyone can drink the sake I made. . .
I will do my best! !
I'll report back again!