This season's production has begun! !


This is Kato, the owner of Tenryohai Sake Brewery.

It's getting colder and colder on Sado, but what about your area?

It's getting cold, yes.

It means that the sake brewing season has come! !

This is my first time brewing sake, but for about half a year since I became a brewery, I have read the book called Sake Brewery Kouhon many times, attended various seminars, and toured various breweries. I received advice, and with the support of people around me, I gradually increased my knowledge.

Among them, there was a brewing machine that I really wanted to incorporate from this season.

MJP rice washer and dehydrator! !

The MJP rice washer puts rice in, and it comes out like a fountain with a stream of water. Impressed ~. (You don't know what I'm saying, but I'll polish my vocabulary before I polish my rice.)

The rice bran can be removed cleanly by exploding the air bubbles. After that, the water absorption rate can be evened out by forcibly dehydrating with a dehydrator after soaking.

Combining these two will dramatically improve our raw material processing.

"Okay, let's buy it."

Kato makes a triumphant phone call and asks about the size and price.

“It will be ◯◯◯ yen.”

"... But, how much is the dehydrator...?"

"It will be ◯◯ yen."

… Murimu Rimuri! ! I can't buy it! I don't have that kind of money! !

He was already baptized by the sake industry and was depressed.

Buy second hand, let's do it.

When looking for second-hand goods, there is a word that catches your eye. "MJP type rice washing machine"

What is this? Click without thinking.

Two figures. And cheap! Very pretty super cheap! !

I immediately called and inquired. Then, it is a rice washing machine that uses the theory of the MJP rice washing machine developed for restaurants, and since there are many restaurants, the price will be cheaper. God….

However, sake rice sticks easily, so please stir it by hand while washing the rice. That means keep your hands in cold water at all times. That's what it means...

Let's do it. If it improves quality. Remember if you haven't changed! ! I bought it immediately with enthusiasm.

Conclusion. Insanely good! ! sorry for doubting

Instead, the hands are numb and out of oil robot state.

Still, if the quality is improved and everyone is happy, I will continue to put my hands in the water for hours.

I managed to secure the rice washing machine. My name is Kimura. (If you know anything from this, you're already in the industry. Lol)

I really want a dehydrator because I have a personality that won't stop once I start sticking to it! It's good to see the product image like every day. I thought.

I can understand the feeling of the little kid looking at the huge Lego block in the toy department with envy.

And then, Kato, open up again.

If you can't buy it, you have to make it! ! I just wish I could suck it in. It doesn't matter what you look like. As long as the result is the same, the process doesn't matter! So DIY started in a hurry.

Here is the finished product.

(Abe Sake Brewery, who has recently become very popular with "Abe", also made it by hand, and I used it as a reference. Thank you.)

I managed to make it in time for construction. I want to be able to incorporate good equipment such as an MJP rice washing machine soon. There are so many things I want.

I want a large refrigerator for storage, a small labeler, a small bottling machine, a 5000L class tank, and most of all, a pasteurizer! !

I can't help but rush, I'm going to go step by step.

Well, it's already been 10 days since I started making sake. (still 10 days)

Wash the rice, soak it, steam the rice, make the rice malt, put it in a tank, put the shubo in it, and so on.

The real starting line for making sake is to add koji rice, steamed rice, shubo, and water before fermentation begins.

I have wondered about one thing.

"That's called sake brewing, but I'm not a sake brewer. Koji-kun and Shubo-chan make sake, right?"

What I do is raw material processing, temperature control, and a little help (stirring).

I thought about how to make the house (rice) comfortable for Koji-kun, and how to create an environment where Koji-kun and Shumo-chan could spend their time comfortably.

Mr. Toji used to say,

The main players in sake brewing are not the brewers, but the microbes.

I think I understand a little bit of what that means now.

Fermentation starts, babies are born, and when fermentation doesn't progress as expected, it's a rebellious phase. Lend a hand little by little and nurture it purely. It takes time and effort, but what kind of alcohol will it be from now on? I'm looking forward to when I can.

New sake is scheduled for mid-November! This is the first Japanese sake I made. I'm sure there are still many things I can't do, but I'll do my best.

Thank you all for your support! !