can't stop sake brewing

Hello everyone!

I'm Kato, who has been busy with clerical work every day to apply for subsidies for capital investment.

I'm doing my best every day to prepare documents, so I want you to go through ...! !

In such a way, it's the only employee to be public! I have a few opportunities to say I'm going out ⭐︎.

that is…

Rice planting work with a contract farmer!

Even after the brewing is over, the rice field work for the next sake brewing is waiting.

Sake brewing will not stop no matter what happens, whether it's the end of the brewing process, coronavirus, or whatever.

We are in constant contact with our contracted farmers.

"I'm going to plant rice this week!"

I can't help but look forward to it when I get in touch with you. smile

I can't stand still, and since I was little, there's no sign of recovery!

I participate from the rice planting stage,

Farmers carefully grow the seedlings before planting.

Start by sowing seeds

When you think that it has grown little by little and has become like a seedling

It's grown so much in less than a month!

And we can finally plant rice.

This rice planting is 5 million koku.

It is made in an area called Niibo, which is about 15 to 20 minutes away from Tenryohai by car.

This is Mr. Tsuchiya's rice field who has been making sake rice together since this year!

When I arrived at the site, I arranged a video shooting team! ! smile

Tsuchiya-san, you're in high spirits lol

We got on the rice planter together and planted all the rice fields...

Thank you for forgiving me, Mr. Tsuchiya. I will do my best to do better next year

And Mr. Tsuchiya is very ambitious when it comes to sake brewing season!

I'm looking forward to it again!

After rice planting, Mr. Tsuchiya will guide us around Niibo.

There is Kiyomizudera in Kyoto, but there is also Kiyomizudera in Sado.

Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto and Shimizu Temple in Sado.

It's not a joke, it's true! smile

And what about Kiyomizudera?

It's that stage!

There is also a stage at Kiyomizu Temple on Sado.

Cultural figures from Kyoto have been exiled to Sado, and various Kyoto cultures have developed independently.

It's an interesting place, isn't it, Sado?

The good thing about Sado is that you can only understand it after you become an adult.

Personally, I don't think that elementary school students who come to Sado on a school excursion won't find much of its appeal.

After all, elementary school students don't learn much about historical culture, and most elementary school students don't have that connection in their heads.

I wasn't connected at all until I took the university entrance exam.

And this Kiyomizu-dera is almost unmanaged.

It's such a waste to have such a splendid temple nearby.

I would like to someday make efforts to protect Sado's cultural properties.

Dreams just keep growing.

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