After finishing this season's sake brewing part2

This is the retrospective part2.
Part 1 is here.
It's written in chronological order, so I think it's easier to understand from part 1!

Last time, I talked about the start of Gagakudai production in December.

Since January, I have been working on various projects (Kato's hobbies? Interests? Lol).
I would like to write three main things this time.

One is the introduction of “ responsible training ”.
Responsible preparation is an initiative carried out by Heiwa Brewery, which manufactures Kido.

Last year, I had the opportunity to talk with President Yamamoto of Heiwa Brewery and the production staff, and the word “responsible preparation” came up during various inquiries.

What is it? I thought, and when I listened in detail,

“We entrust each brewer with the entire sake brewing process from the beginning, and have each brewer take responsibility for each tank.”
Let's do it at home from the moment we hear it! I was deciding.

To breweries and toji all over the country, I'm still a young kid.
In order to aim for the top as soon as possible, let's raise our knowledge and experience with all the brewers, rather than struggling alone.

I thought, and I executed the responsibility preparation.

Kyoto University's guy is also serious.

In conclusion, responsibility preparation is only good!

1. Everyone can discuss the result of the sake and how to make it.
2. A sly person secretly runs the PDCA cycle after grasping the results (that's a really good thing!)
3. Even as Kato, I can get ideas and realizations that I didn't have.

Brewers can make their own special sake. For me, I know what I should do and what I shouldn't do, and I know Mr. Kurodo's knowledge level, so I can collect and share information about what everyone is not good at.

You can truly create an environment where everyone can improve their level!

I was nervous at first, but I'm glad I did it.

The children of the manufacturing part-time job that will enter from this year will also be responsible for preparation.
(Thankfully, recently I've been getting inquiries about wanting to work at Tenryohai. To be honest, I'm really happy.
However, I am sorry that we are not yet in an environment where we can hire so many people due to the manufacturing scale.
I want to be able to grow while sharing the fun and difficulty of making with more people! )

The other has started working on the production of low-alcohol unprocessed sake!

This is because I wanted to convey the excitement of the low-alcohol drink of the month after the rain at the Research Institute of Alcoholic Beverages.

We made two this season.
The first one has been on sale since May as a trial brewing for Tenryo Sakazuki.
By the way, it's pure sake.

The second one was made by taking advantage of the first notice!
Not stocked yet!

Look forward to seeing how different it is from the test brew! (Because there is no more stock of brewed sake in the brewery, it is finished with the stock of each liquor store ...)

It's annoying.

Everything is difficult.

Fermentation speed, preparation mix, koji making, Oshimizu etc...

I'm still full of hypotheses, so I won't describe it in detail, but anyway, I want to try the next one as soon as possible! ! Lol There are many things that I think would be better if I did more.

The breweries all over the country are amazing.
Realize it again.
I need to catch up soon!

One last thing.

It is an effort in The rebirth-TOKI-ROMAN-.
It was from this effort that I got the nickname "Romanticist Kato".

Sado is a region in Japan where the declining birthrate and aging population are particularly advanced.
Most of the young people who grew up on Sado leave for Tokyo and Niigata.

As a result of the declining birthrate and aging population, the number of abandoned farmlands has increased, and the number of vacant houses has increased, resulting in collapsed houses.

On Sado, there are many houses with splendid main pillars that can no longer be erected, and mountains of old private houses that use historical construction techniques.

I think there are many charms of Sado that you will notice when you become an adult.

Or rather, the charm of Sado that you can only notice when you become an adult.

Most people would prefer to live in the city when they are young.

Such Sado has a locational disadvantage.

It means "remote island".

The children of Sado have to get on the boat for their lessons, school trips, and so on.
In some cases, it may even be an overnight stay.
Unlike landlocked Honshu, children's activities cost even more money.

I think there are children who really want to do something but put up with it, and kind children who worry that they may be burdening their parents.

But children should be able to do what they want to do and learn a lot from that.

Thinking so, a part of the profits from The rebirth ~TOKI-ROMAN~
I decided to donate to the "Children's Activities in Sado".

Just like the ibis breeding again on Sado, I would be happy if the children of Sado would come back to their hometown in the future even if they left the island once.

The concept is "Sado in your heart" and spread to the world! am.

Since the initiative just started this term, the amount that can be donated is still small, but I hope to be of more help in the future.

Sado is not my hometown, but as a company in Sado, we are starting with what we can do!

So everyone, please support The rebirth ~TOKI-ROMAN~!

Here's a look back at December.
It's been a tough time with Corona, but I'm solemnly working out a strategy for the next one.
We are also refraining from capital investment after this, and we are running towards the next sake brewing!

I'm tired of writing serious sentences lol I don't think being too serious doesn't suit my personality lol

From now on, I will write a frank blog!

see you!

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