Sado rice and Tenryo cup

Today and tomorrow, Kato is going to the Niigata Brewing Research Institute to read papers on sake brewing, hoping to make use of them in sake brewing, but his head is on the verge of blowing out because of all the difficult words.

To take a break, today I would like to introduce Tenryohai's efforts on rice!

All of the sake rice used by Tenryohai comes from a single farmer .

By asking for everything, we are striving to eliminate variations in quality due to producers and make higher quality sake. So I think that the farmers are not only the rice growers, but also the partners and advisors of Tenryohai.

The rice flour that comes out of the milling process is returned to the rice fields as fertilizer and used as a nutrient for the rice fields.

With the cooperation of our contracted farmers, I also participated in rice farming for a little while!

First of all, I participated in rice planting around April this year!

I think it was planted surprisingly straight and well lol

I'm desperate so my mouth is crooked.

The weather was not stable on Sado this year + the influence of the typhoon...

By the way, in Sado, there are many places where pesticides are made below the prescribed 50% because crested ibises are flying around.

For that reason, I was very worried because I was easily influenced by the weather and nature.

When Tenryohai came to the office in the morning, there was a typhoon and the P boxes were scattered.

Meanwhile, here is what the rice looks like around August!

It's only been 3 or 4 months and it's grown so much... and marveled at the power of nature.

It seemed to be growing smoothly, and I was relieved for a moment, but another large typhoon came.

No worries.

When I returned from my business trip to Tokyo in late September, the rice harvest had already started.

The biggest problem in Kato's history occurred here.

After arriving in Sado, I can't stop sneezing.

I don't have a fever, and I don't feel like I'm catching a cold.

I can't stop sneezing and running nose forever.

When I consulted with the staff of Tenryohai,

"Isn't that a rice allergy ?"

Rice allergy,, I heard it for the first time, but is there such a thing? When

I went to the hospital because it wouldn't stop no matter how long it took.

“Probably Poaceae pollinosis.”

Oh my God.

As if to make things worse, we received a call from a contracted farmer saying that they would be harvesting Koshitanrei sake rice, which is unique to Niigata Prefecture.

To be honest, I was confused for a moment.

However, it's the rice I planted myself, and I'm the type of person who doesn't want to be satisfied until the end of what I've started, so I'm determined to harvest the rice! !

I cut it halfway through, but it didn't work. .

Kato gives up on the way and looks away from a distance.

I have retired from harvesting rice, but I will continue to study hard and take on new challenges so that I can make delicious sake from the rice grown with great care by the farmers! !

I will go to the exam hall tomorrow and it will be my last study time. I want a room of spirit and time...

I'll do my best! !